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Projects from Braga you need to know in 2019

How about a challenge for 2019? Betting on local entrepreneurs is this week's suggestion. It's precisely on this matter that this articles arises: to give strength and value to our artists and creative minds who are increasing and deserve all our support and appreciation. They're from Braga, own a great talent and the amounts of passion they place in each of their projects gives us the absolute certainty that we must know them.



Eat Fit gives us the guarantee that traditional Portuguese food can be highly delicious, appetizing and, above all, healthy. If, on the one hand there's what many call the “fashion” of healthy eating, on the other hand, and fortunately, there's a wave growing awareness that eating in a balanced way saves years of life.

Behind this project is a team of female talent, who have come together yo make our belly mega comforted with the wonderful flavors that each of their products provides and without guilt. The preparation has a variety of fresh products, as natural as possible, without refined flour, with the substitution of sugar and with a variety of gluten-free options.

They attend numerous events and parties, providing a very friendly and dedicated service, and organize workshops to enhance people's awareness of healthier eating habits, with the certainty that these same people will be rewarded with significant doses of energy and defenses- increasingly. A useful and healthy suggestion for our programs and parties!

*Photo: Eat Fit



Braga Materna has a very tender name and exists to accompany the stage of motherhood. A phase that is, undoubtedly, the discovery of a new way of loving, the discovery of a new world, an overflow of happiness and an opportunity to know love in its purest state, but it's also the discovery and adaptation of a new reality, not always easy and positive.

Motherhood is beautiful, it's perfect, it's unique, but it's also hard! And all this chatting to tell you that we're talking about a wonderful space that brings together a support network that accompanies families in pregnancy and post-pregnancy, with a variety of services. A project so well done that it charms anyone, is absolutely necessary and owns an unrivaled lightness in such a complex theme for many and so simple for others.

Sometimes, and perhaps unconsciously, people face enormous weight and excessive focus on the less positive aspects of this phase, but Braga Maternal is here to prove us wrong. As a mentor, there is a devoted mother of two girls, convinced that proper follow-up of pregnancy is crucial to the best start in the babies lives. This world can be followed through social networks, Facebook and Instagram, or through the official website:

*Photo: Braga Materna



Thirteen Studio is the brand with the cutest, more “clean” and history filled T-shirts. Just like each T-shirt that carries a meaning, a reason, this project also arises from a remarkable event. It was through a simple exchange of correspondence between two sisters- the mentors of the project- separated by a distance of over 350 km and that quickly became the meeting point for them. They decided to combine the best of each and started with only three models, with a super interesting proposal of value, and 100% national and artisanal design and production. There are really good deals, full of quality, done with passion and dedication. For me, it's undoubtedly the case of this brand, of which I became a fan as soon as I discovered it and which I am very proud to follow from the beginning and to watch the positive growth they have been gaining.

Be sure to pay a visit, either to buy good gifts, or to get the essential T-shirt for the perfect outfit. Be curious and also follow Thirteen Studio Instagram.

*Photo: Thirteen Studio.



Vá de Retro has beautiful decoration pieces, capable of transforming any environment into a dream place, elegant, harmonious and comfortable. Art in a house is wonderful and this project is so inviting that it makes you want to make a complete remodel in your home and make it an authentic source of inspiration.

The long-time will to create a place dedicated to the design of the XX Century, combined with taste and passion by different styles and artistic movements of the last century, have made this project palpable (and it is not by chance that it's situated in Casa Rolão- a property built between 1758 and 1761, whose visit takes us to the past as well).

It was in January 2015 that Vá de Retro first opened its doors, giving each of us the opportunity to enjoy and purchase pieces with more than 30 years, but that were transformed into true works of art becoming, therefore, unique. It's a real time travel!

In 2019, Vá de Retro has a well-defined goal and aims to focus on national design and have in store pieces from Portuguese designers and architects, in addition to the brands that, from the 1950s changed the national panorama and that were the main dynamizers of the modernist legacy in design in Portugal. Vá de retro is full of good reasons for those who like interiors with quality and style, with fantastic works that you can easily get to know through social networks- Facebook and Instagram– or through the official website-


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