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For Rock lovers

In the heart of the city you’ll find a spot that, after a long narrow corridor, invites you to dance all night long. At this nightclub, the preferred music style is Rock but if you continue walking straight through to the outside area, which is ample and super inviting on warm summer evenings, the sound changes to something a little more commercial.
Insólito, which means “unusual”, is exactly that – unusual. Its peculiar space makes it unique and the bar, which serves light meals until 4 AM, proves that this is the perfect club for long nights with friends who like to dance and mingle until the wee hours. There are hotdogs, hamburgers (including a vegetarian option) and beef sandwiches, but we particularly like the cheeseburger and that’s exactly what we recommend.
When looking for an alternative night spot, Insólito is the ideal choice.

Cool Tip: If you’re a beer lover and like it served in a glass cup instead of a plastic one, please note that it’s only served this way at the counter of the inside bar.


Qui a Sáb: 22h00 - 04h00