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Manuel dos Vinhos

Wine Bar

So, where is the charm in this place? The answer is easy, if you’re fond of a good glass of wine.

Located right in front of Braga’s Cathedral, the wine bar Manuel dos Vinhos offers excellent wines by the glass or bottle, and may be accompanied by great Portuguese preserves and tapas, or just shared with a group of friends, but always in good company. With great pride, drinks worth hundreds of Euros are displayed, but it is also with the same pride that drinks with a much more modest price – but with the same high quality – are presented.

Champagne, liqueurs and gin are other drinks that you can taste and savor here – but if you think of dropping by for a cup of coffee ... forget it! In this space, you won’t find it!


Mon - Sat:
Morning: 10:30am - 01:30 pm
Afternoon: 02:30pm - 02:00 am
Sunday: 02:30 pm - 02:00 am