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Livraria Centésima Página


The bookstore provides a perfect environment: quiet, serene, warm and pleasant. Housed in a building that has been classified as Public Interest since 1977, the Rolão House is one of the best preserved examples of the 18th century Baroque style. However, more than a bookstore where we can find the most classic books and the latest news, this is a place to live with the books and to discover some of the artists in the area.

Did you know that there's a corner with activities and books for the children? In order to get that taste for reading from an early age, this is a store to visit on the weekend tours (especially because sometimes the tale hour can be perfect for a Saturday morning!).

The Centésima Página lets its visitors be free to sir and read the book they want, and they can side them with a piece of home-made cake, or if it's lunchtime, a sandwich, a pasta or a lasagna, available in the cafeteria. If the weather is inviting, you can enjoy the garden of the house.

A place very visited by tourists, since it's part of the city's Baroque architecture route, is often forgotten by the people from Braga. Remember that whenever you want to relax, avoid the city's rush or buy a book, this bookstore can be a great refuge in the middle of Avenida Central.

Cool Tip: Far from being a simple bookstore, Centésima Página plays an active role in encouraging reading and culture, always full of photography, illustration, painting and installations exhibitions; regularly offering a calendar of activities, which includes book presentations and workshops.


Monday to Saturday: from 9 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.