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Biscaínhos Museum

the diary of a noble family

The Biscaínhos Museum opened its doors in 1978 and currently takes us on a journey through the daily life of a noble family in their palace.

This 18th century palace shows us the architecture of that time. A grand and detailed work of architecture that has always been cared for and associated to functionality.

Of all the areas we visited, three stood out: the first is the entrance, because of its geometrically placed grooved stone floor; the second is the noble ballroom, the palace’s most magnificent hall, where the family held their receptions and balls (this room stands out for its vaulted ceiling with a painting by Manuel Furtado Mendonça, an artist from Oporto, who also intervened in the Cathedral of Braga’s choir space); and finally, the palace’s ex-líbris, the majestic one hectare garden which features several very interesting details. Among these details, the “Casas de Fresco” (“Fresco Homes”) – a hollow space in the camellias’ trunk – are a must see; the Garden Pavilion, which is a closed space that allows us to enjoy the garden on rainy days; as well as the viewpoint for contemplating the rest of the garden.

This garden also has a natural monument, the Virginia Tulip Tree. This tree is the best example and the oldest tree of its kind in Portugal. It has already experienced 300 springs! In which it stuns with the color of fire that ignites its flowers.

What many locals don’t know is that they can contemplate and enjoy this wonderful example of a baroque garden for free during the Museum’s opening hours. Just pass by the reception and let them know you came to visit the garden. This is the perfect setting to read a book, go for a romantic walk or a relaxed moment between friends, sitting on a blanket in the garden.

Visit the Biscaínhos Museum to discover more facts about a noble family and see how everything exists with a purpose. You will understand where the expression that many mothers say to their children at dinner time – "Children, set the table!" – came from. But we won’t say another word... you’ll have to discover yourself.


Tue - Sun: 10:00 am - 12:30 pm , 02:00 pm - 05:30 pm | Closed: 1st Jan, Easter Sunday, 1st May and 25th Dec