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Bom Jesus do Monte

See Braga through a straw!

Bom Jesus is a renowned tourist destination, as well as a happy spot in the memory of Braga’s locals. To make this visit even more exciting, use the water powered elevator to reach the area where the church is located. In addition to being the first funicular built in the Iberian Peninsula, this elevator that travels up the mountain is now known worldwide as the oldest in service using this water counterweight system.

Once you reach the top, marvel at the view of the city and, after taking in all the details of the church’s rich decor, be sure to explore the rest of the area where the sanctuary is located. There’s an expression that goes something like "see Braga through a straw", where the "straw" is actually a monocle you’ll find at Bom Jesus and which will give you a more detailed view of the city.

Look for the man with the horse who still takes black and white photographs with the help of an antique camera, explore the cave, throw a coin into the water and make a wish, ride a rowboat on the lake (and when passing under the bridge, don’t hang onto it – many people have fallen into the water precisely because they were fooling around doing this!), take a carriage ride or have a picnic in the park.

Bom Jesus do Monte is a religious place, but it’s also romantic and a great spot to hang out, where locals love to play sports and enjoy sunny days. Around here, nature is privileged and protected with lots of love and your trip to Braga will not be complete without a visit to this very popular spot among locals and tourists.

Cool Tip: If you’re more adventurous, only use the elevator to go down. Climb the sanctuary’s many stairs, enjoying the fountains and chapels that come up along the way, perfectly in tune with the surrounding natural beauty.