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Complexo Desportivo da Rodovia

A healthy lifestyle starts here

There's no excuse not to play sports anymore. Free of charge, open for 24 hours, and with different spaces and equipment available to the people of Braga, Complexo Desportivo da Rodovia encourages us to play sports.

Fully renovated in 2018, Complexo Desportivo da Rodovia now includes more than the traditional synthetic lawn fields: equipment for the practice of various modalities, new locker rooms, leisure and fitness parks, and children's and geriatric parks are now part of the park. The goals? To provide the city with more green spaces, provide new outdoor experiences and, of course, encourage less sedentary habits away from the screens.

At a time when many professions require us to spend our days sitting down, and screens take up a substantial part of our time, this place presents a good way of countering a less active lifestyle.

If you like sports - be it football, climbing, basketball, hiking, beach football, skating, volleyball, jogging (...) - this is the perfect place for you. Whether alone, as a family, or with friends, get out of the house and fully enjoy this park.

Cool Tip: There are small places along the riverside area where some events can be held. Be aware, as there may be some mini-shows of dance groups and other performances.


Open 24 hours a day, every day.