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Story Cool

A happy memory is priceless

My name is Júlia and I am an avid collector of happy moments.
This is my idea of happy memories, and of a Cool trip, and my dream is to do this for you.

I can say that my journey into the world of travel and to the experiences that lead me to travel... started as a child. I am an only child, and all the trips I made to the homes of my family, whether near or far, delighted me. I will never forget the family reunions with those who lived far away, sleeping in a strange house, tasting food that was different from what my mother usually cooked, observing everything with a look of true discovery.

I soon realized that travel is a wonderful phenomenon: its value is priceless, it creates happy memories, which will only become even more valuable over time.

But, after a while, and with my first trips, including one in which I traveled throughout Europe, I also discovered that not all moments become perfect memories, and that often the places I visited – which were apparently perfect – did not live up to the time spent there. On the other hand, I also found that there are places that have soul and these deserve more than one visit! So, I got to work and tested my ability to create priceless memories, while experiencing unforgettable moments.

I started creating guides which not only expressed the city’s culture and vibrancy, visiting the must-see places, but also the best places where you could experience true urban life.

Personally, this experience is based on feeling the city and, seeing as food and accommodation are usually great synonyms of a happy experience, I had to include them in my guides.

The places where I go to eat must always have an almost childlike sense: they have to make me feel naive in terms of flavors, aromas and atmosphere, just like a child experiencing a unique taste for the first time. No wonder that the flavors we most remember from our childhood are those we still prefer today in a moment of comfort.

The experience of sleeping away from home, of spending the night in an unknown location, must be something that makes us feel so good, we almost wish we didn’t have to return home. This is our new home, even if for a few days only.

I know all of this is priceless, because when we buy an object, after a year, we no longer value it, but when we travel and create unique memories, year after year, they are worth more. For me, these moments are worth more with each passing year and, over time, I live a richer life – this is my happiness bank!