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Casa Velha

cocktail hour

Everyone in Braga remembers the horseback rides that have always existed at one of the entrances of the Bom Jesus Park. If we say that this bar is in this area, certainly the vast majority of people from Braga will recognize the location. But seeing as Casa Velha’s location isn’t the only thing worth mentioning, we must say: the cocktails are really good here!

For those who think that you can’t find good cocktails in Braga, think again! Renato and Carlos can delight any palate with an exemplary cocktail. Fresh fruit, decorative elements, top quality drinks, exclusive accessories, make this simple place a mecca for those who appreciate a good drink, served by those who know how to prepare them.

The Strawberry Daiquiri does the honors, followed by a fresh Mojito that is stirred, not crushed, because there is a big difference between spinning and crushing the leaves in the end result, as it was so nicely explained to us. Here, even the water must have the right amount of bubbly to give the cocktail the perfect aftertaste. After all, the movie Cocktail was not only a success because of Tom Cruise’s beautiful eyes – making cocktails is an art, which is taken very seriously here.


Tue - Sun: 09:30 pm - 04:00 am | Closed: 1st Jan, 24th Dec and 25th Dec