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Café A Brasileira de Braga

drip brew coffee, please

What can you say about one of Braga’s most iconic spots? With a little research, Wikipedia tells us that, in the past, this was a franchised business, created in March 1907, and initially run for 30 years by Adolpho de Azevedo, a businessman from Porto and Vice-Consulate of Brazil in the city of Braga, who offered a coffee to every customer who bought a kilo of it.

Not everyone knows this story, but everyone does know the iconic cafe that is located on the corner of São Marcos street, a place that delights connoisseurs not only because of its drip brewed coffee, but also because of the entire ambience that this place exudes. Young and old, everyone religiously visits this spot in the city, that for some brings back past moments and longtime friends, while for others creates new memories; even visitors who make the city of Braga a travel destination stop here. The reality is: everyone stops here, lives here and socializes here.

After all, the Brasileira cafe is cool right? We’ll leave this question out there for those who wish to answer it!


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