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Tíbias de Braga

the home of Braga sweets

In a renovated building, next to the Arco da Porta Nova, we found Tíbias de Braga, a pastry shop that intends to tell Braga’s story through pastry. The main characters are the “tíbias” (a cream-filled pastry), without forgetting the Abade Priscos pudding, the “fidalguinhos” and the “biscainhos”.

João, an experienced and longtime confectioner, has made “tíbias” for many years now, since the time he worked in a pastry shop in Paris, which baked Portuguese pastries and where he was challenged to create something sweet from Braga – for the duel, he ended up choosing the “tíbia”. Now in Portugal, and after opening a pastry shop in Vila Verde, this place was born. Much more than a business, it is a dream come true, a return to his origins, to the places he once roamed when, at a very young age, he worked in Braga.

An exquisite space, with an inviting terrace, especially on sunny days, where you can indulge in one of three “tíbia” flavors: classic, hazelnut and coffee.


Every day: 07:30 am - 09:00 pm | Closed: 1st Jan, Easter Sunday and 25th Dec