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Mercado Bacalhoeiro


Mercado Bacalhoeiro is born from the will to continue a family business. This place sells a special cod: salted green cod.
And what does this mean? It’s cod that, in the moment of its capture, in the ship itself, is clean, salted and put to dry, rather than being frozen until it gets to land, where it is unfrozen and then salted and put to dry.
But this gourmet shop doesn’t live off cod alone. Here you’ll also find Trinca Peixes frozen fish, olive oil, wine, Bragança biscotti meats, hares, partridges, canned goods, jams, chocolates and biscuits. All of this created by small producers, which the team always visits before selecting.
More than a store, Mercado Bacalhoeiro is a place to be, hang out and even learn in. To do so, all you need to do is contact the place in advance and the team will prepare delicious snacks for you to enjoy with your friends. There are also multiple workshops and events such as wine tastings or cooking shows.
In addition to all of this, Mercado Bacalhoeiro serves lunches, Monday to Friday, and has a catering service.
Cool Tip: Mercado Bacalhoeiro also has brunch. Keep an eye on the place’s schedule to learn when they happen.


Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 7:30 pm